Transmission Service

12 months | 20,000kms

It is very important for a transmission to be serviced on a regular basis. We recommend either every 12 months or 20,000kms. This will ensure that the transmission is thoroughly checked and minor repairs fixed before they cause major breakdowns. Most car owners do not know that a transmission exists in their car until a problem occurs. Regular servicing ensures that your transmission keeps running smoothly over a longer period of time.

At Accurate Automatics, we will also check your radiator coolant for “electrolysis”. Electrolysis is a stray current that will zap into the wall of your cooling system that is connected to the automatic transmission. If electrolysis penetrates through the wall it will then create a whole which will allow water to come through and contaminate the transmission oil. This will result in the failure of the transmission which will require a change over or rebuild. You can ask us more about electrolysis at your next service.

Making your car work harder than it needs to will shorten its life. Want to get your vehicle in tip-top shape? Drop it off at Accurate Automatics for a transmission service today.